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Have you decided to start focusing on your business marketing but were confused about how to start and what strategies to use. If yes, here’s an effective way to increase your business revenue through email marketing.

Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and small businesses constantly fail to use emails effectively. This is because most people think that email marketing is dead.

But do you really think email marketing is dead?

The simple answer is “NO.” To your surprise, email marketing is one of the practical marketing tools to drive more sales, high ROI, and incredible business growth. One of the best features of email marketing is that for every $1 you spend on it, it bounces back $42.

According to the reports from McKinsey, emails are 40X more powerful than Facebook and Twitter to gain new customers and increase sales. Similarly, Optinmonster also stated that the sales and conversion rates are higher for email marketing than social media marketing.

So, are you curious to delve into various ways to use email marketing to triple your revenue? Without any further delay, let’s dive into the article.

14 Ways To Garner Profits From Email Marketing

Here are a few ways to use email marketing to sky-rocket your business growth and crush the competition. The best part of emails is that they give a sense of personalised touch and make your customers feel like they’re communicating with their family or friends.

To leverage your business, make sure to incorporate a few email strategies to gain more attention and increase brand awareness. Moreover, to make the article more enjoyable, we’ve identified a few examples of companies who used these strategies and garnered millions of revenue. Keep reading.

Promote Products

promote products email marketing sydney
Promoting products is one of the best ways to increase revenue via email marketing. Make sure to include the product benefits and how to use them in daily life. Illustrate an example of how to use the product so well that they can’t ignore the product.

Meanwhile, make your email short and crisp without the fluff. All you need to do is tell them what’s in it for them and what they will miss if they don’t make a purchase. To further increase their desire to buy the product, offer irresistible discounts and coupons.

Educate Your Customers 

Did you ever notice the “FAQ” page for the most popular brands? If yes, have you ever thought of the importance of an FAQ section? Usually, the brands educate the customers via FAQs. Similarly, if you run email marketing, you should educate the audience before asking for a purchase.

Note down the common question that prevents the audience from buying your services or products. Then filter out the essential questions and answer them. That’s it. Send the same to your email listers. Remember not to send the FAQs all at one go. Instead, make an automated email sequence and send them day by day. You can also publish the same on your website or landing page.

Drive Traffic To Your Website 

Are you suffering from poor web traffic? Now, it’s time to use email marketing effectively to drive thousands of traffic to your website. Send simple yet attractive newsletters with a powerful call-to-action button to lead the audience to the web pages.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to measure the impact of newsletters. If one newsletter doesn’t drive website traffic, understand its drawbacks. Next time, shoot out the powerful newsletter rectifying all the loopholes from previous experiences.

Create Partnership Promotions 

brand email collaboration

Did you collaborate with any brands? If yes, it’s more fun to cross-promote their products to your audience. This not only reaps a few bucks but also builds stronger partnership relations. For instance, if you’ve got a hotel business and your partner runs an event managing agency, offer your audience dinner with a special event organised at a lower cost.

Maintain Robust Relationships With Vendor 

For large or small businesses, it’s pretty challenging to maintain relationships with the vendors. Especially in the pandemic era like COVID, where you’re caught with continuous lockdowns and social distancing, it’s even more challenging to reach out to reliable vendors.

However, here’s a powerful tool – email marketing that provides immense opportunities to maintain robust relations with the vendors. All you need to do is strategise your email and not the vendor’s inbox. This is exactly what is done by the “Octane Press – A Book Company,” and now, they’re enjoying colossal profits through email marketing.

Get Them Book For Online Courses / Webinars Or Master Classes
master class webinar leads sydney

Do you sell online courses or conduct classes? If yes, take advantage of email marketing to increase either to increase advance booking of your classes or to buy a course. Also, don’t forget to add bonuses or discounts on your services that drive more sales.

This email marketing strategy works best for financial institutions, yoga clubs, or marketing agencies that frequently host classes or offer courses. Extended Yoga is one such Yoga Studio that utilised the power of email marketing for extensive bookings of their online classes.

Attract New Customers 

Are you running a creative agency? Or are you a creative solopreneur constantly working for business growth? Are you seeking clients and collaborations? If yes, don’t forget to leverage the power of email marketing.

Jill Singer, who is the owner of “Jill Singer Graphics,” once struggled to find clients. Yet, after using strategic email marketing, he has a whopping monthly revenue. All he did was choose the effective marketing tool – emails to make announcements, build networks, and showcase his work.

Enhance Credibility 

If you send useful content that is worth readers’ time, it automatically increases your business credibility and authority. In addition, the business could gain immense trust from the audience. This ultimately increases the sales and business profits incredibly. In the end, you get what you want from the customers.

Ahern Donor Communications is one such community where it shot hundreds of emails for several years and gained immense credibility. Tom Ahern, who is the founder of Ahern Communications, stated that people would recognise I’m the right person for collaborations before making a call. He further added that the only tool he used to increase his business was email marketing.

Make Your Audience To Call You 

When you follow strategic email marketing to reach our ideal prospects at the appropriate time, it gives immense results. If you’re selling consultation services, use effective emails to communicate with the ideal candidate and make them call you.

For instance, Victor Terrazas, the founder, and owner of “Rejuvenate Therapeutic Massage,” shot high-quality emails to his audience that gave him million-dollar consultation calls daily.

Keep In Touch With Your Customers

People love to buy products or services from the trusted brands who constantly keep in touch with them either via social media or emails. Email marketing helps to build a robust relationship with your customers through effective communications.

“Ladimax Sports and Fitness is a fitness products company that uses email marketing to keep in touch with their audience constantly. They said that being in contact with the audience builds stronger relations and a sense of connectedness that ultimately drives sales.

Suggest Affiliate Products
affiliate marketing sydney

Do you run an affiliate marketing business? If yes, email marketing would be a boon for you. Through personalised emails and frequent communications with the audience increases the chances of a product being purchased by 5X.

Several companies, including Wellness Mama, Four Wellness, and other rising businesses, used email marketing to promote their affiliate products. All this said was that email marketing is an effective way to earn huge bucks. Moreover, email marketing is time-saving and budget-friendly too.

Explore Opportunities

A high-quality and compelling newsletter increases opportunities to expand your business. For instance, you can avail of partnerships, interviews, collaborations, or other business opportunities.

To further increase your business email reach, work with cold emails. Tell the audience what they get from your services, products, or collaborations. All you need to do is create high-quality content that provides value to your customers.

Organize A Contest
online contest sydney digital marketing

Have you ever participated in any brand contests? Brand contests gather the audience and engage them. There are huge chances of increasing sales with regular contests. Also, it’s one of the effective ways to communicate with your audience and understand their needs. So, don’t forget to organise contests to increase your business revenue.

Ask For Testimonials And Reviews 

Whenever customers want to purchase from the company, they’d like to know what others are saying about the product. So, why don’t you ask for product reviews or testimonials via email marketing?

These reviews and testimonials are the sources of high reputation and brand awareness. Moreover, the customer reviews increase product sales. This strategy works for both B2B and B2C businesses.

Segment & Automate your Email Flows

How great would it be if you could automatically email customers based on how they’ve interacted with your business. With Email Automations or Drip Campaigns as they are widely known, you can set up a series of emails going to your customers based on the action they take on the previous email you sent them. You can segment your customers into lists of what category of product or services they like and send them emails as per their preferences.

These are great to warm up the customers and send out relevant information about your products, services, offers, case studies, results & more.

Summing Up

Start communicating with your audience today by leveraging the effective marketing tool- emails.

Whether you’d like to sell products, increase business credibility, build a robust customer relationship or drive traffic, email marketing is a budget-friendly and time-saving marketing strategy that you shouldn’t miss out on in this digitalised era.

To make email marketing easier than ever before, it’s best to reach out to results-driven digital marketing agencies like SIMBAA. We are one of the top choices for hundreds of small/medium businesses, start-ups, and fortune companies.

If you’d like to increase your business revenue through various marketing techniques especially via emails, hire a Klaviyo email marketing specialist in Sydney at SIMBAA today.

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