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There might have been times when your assignment deadline would have been on the verge, and you would be waiting for the last rush hour. Then you would open Google and search for your topic, click on the first link, and start writing answers, and never in your life would you have gone to the other page.

But when you are on the other side as a Business Owner, you want your website to rank well on Google because if it reaches the second page, its traffic will fall eventually.


So in this article, we will discuss some techniques and tools which will help you boost your Google rankings, and you can also visit Simbaa as it can provide you with the best services 

Why do I need SEO?

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SEO, commonly known as Search Engine Optimization, is a group of techniques that will turn out to be a long-term revenue booster for you. Let us move further and try to understand how SEO can affect your website and some basic things to be kept in mind to command SEO, ending with the best free tools to boost your SEO.

Here comes the role of SEO. How can Google rank all websites in the list and believe the first link is the best? What if you are on the other side and want to rank your website?

SEO is a technique of fitting in the top-ranking website’s format, which contains various factors, which often include your website’s meta. These techniques are listed below.

  1. Focus on your Keywords
  2. Content is the king who will bring more traffic to your website 
  3. Create backlinks to trusted sites
  4. Avoid 404 pages, insert a forwarding link
  5. Use external links to generate more traffic
  6. Create XML sitemaps to make the site more crawlable
  7. Do not Spam keywords in your post.
  8. I prefer regular posts to bunch posting. 

Various tools can ease this process for you, some of which are listed below.

1. Google Page Insights

List of Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy - psi

Each website has its own loading time based on the content uploaded, which decides the website’s speed. Google Page insights analyses the URL reports loading time and speed.

A fast-loading website can attract a vast number of customers as it increases the components which are loaded in the cache memory. When an URL is entered in the browser, the server sends the temporary memory-like images to the browser, determining how fast the website will load at another login.

This tool, GooglePage Insights, checks for your website’s loading time and provides the area for improvement. It also provides various suggestions that can help you improve your website speed, e.g. using compressed images, minifying CSS and Javascript, and many more.

Reports ratings:

90-90+ – Excellent and very fast

50-90 – Average 

Below 50- slow ( you need to make severe changes to your website and make it faster) 

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2. Google Trends 

List of Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy - google trends covid

Google Trends is another beautiful free tool by Google that allows you to find the critical SEO component, keywords. Keywords are the key, and this concept has boosted the ranking of various websites. To understand how Google Trends can be valuable for you, let us compare some words; suppose you heard someone say, oh, it’s hot, and someone else mentions warm, so both mean the same.


But the frequency to which they are used on the internet determines their keyword frequency, so for a keyword, its frequency is crucial, and Google Trends provides you reports and graphs. Google trends allow you to compare various forms of the exact keywords and choose the best keywords to boost your ranking. 

3. Incognito Google Search

List of Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy - google incognito

Incognito Search is an effective technique that highly skilled and talented researchers use to analyse their website’s quality. The Incognito mode is a privileged mode in Chrome that users can utilise to search anonymously with no history stored on the system. 

So this can help you know how strong your keywords are; when you enter specific keywords, then on which page and on what ranking is your website visible.

4. Google Analytics

List of Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy - google analytics

Google Analytics is the most valuable and accessible tool from Google. It has allowed users to rank their websites and easily make SEO changes based on the analytics and reports. This tool gives you a complete website analysis and provides details like the number of viewers, organic traffic, ad-based traffic, clicks, and engagements. 

This tool is an all-in-one tool that has simplified the entire process and made it easier for people to monitor the work and updates on their websites. This tool also allows you to find the total revenue generated from your website and the number of conversions which is a perfect tool.

5. Google Search Console

List of Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy - google search console

This tool goes through a series of sitemaps and technical details of the website and ensures that the technical SEO of the website provides fixes and ways to improve it. This tool displays coverage, removals, sitemaps, and URL inspection. Google Search Console is a high quality SEO monitoring tool powered by Google

6. Google My Business

List of Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy - google my business

Google My Business is an absolute goldmine for Local SEO as this tool allows you to review your website’s reviews and list your business on Google. This tool is a one-point hub where you can manage all the SEO tasks related to your website and business.

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7. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This tool from Google provides the most enhanced and optimised codes, making checking the website’s efficiency easier. You can also go through a series of tests on the competitor’s website, which would make it easier for you to make the required changes and become better than your competitors.

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8. Google Tag Manager

List of Free Google Tools to Upgrade Your SEO Strategy - how google tag manager works

This tool allows users to embed various other Google Tools like Google Analytics in your website and keep track of Java Script tracking pixels. This tool turns out to be very handy as it allows you to manage all the tags in a single place and efficiently. 

The tools mentioned above are free; you must register your website on the Google portal, and then you can easily use these tools. One more thing to be kept in mind is avoiding black hat SEO, or it will end up getting your website into Google Sandbox. Having an SEO Strategy now is more important than ever. 

Don’t understand much of these? Leave it to our SEO Experts In Sydney, Gosford & Parramatta, reach out for a free site assessment and a plan of action to grow your business organically.


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