Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn / Youtube / Tiktok: Which Ones To Use For Your Business? - which social media channels to choose for your business

The most popular social media websites have seen a lot of activity in the last couple of years. Facebook is still the dominant social media platform. TikTok has seen rapid expansion, and it launched just two years ago. The video platform is ranked 5th in MAU.

For companies looking to connect with their audience, the selection for social platforms is expanding and changing. In the meantime, Instagram has seen remarkable growth and currently holds the number four position in monthly active users (MAU). It is essential to pay attention to where your target audience might be headed.

Facebook was the first platform for all ads, but a more mature audience nowadays favours it. Generation Z and Millenials have moved to Instagram and keep an eye on this area for TikTok. What should you consider when deciding the best place to spend your time (and possibly your advertising budget)?

The best option is to determine the proper channels for your target audience. Check out the relevant social media websites and, based on the results, choose the ones on which you want to increase your presence.


Despite a changing demographic, there’s an opportunity to be found on Facebook regardless of your field. Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users with $86 billion(2020). Some of the top sectors on Facebook are financial service, e-commerce gaming, retail, media, entertainment technology, telecom, consumer goods, and automotive companies.

Although news feeds frequently suppress business posts, there are still ways to boost engagement without investing in advertisements. You can participate in (or create) groups using the Facebook Messenger chatbot or live video to increase your engagement. 

Facebook is a great way to build connections, showcase the people-oriented side of your business, and turn leads into loyal customers and followers. There are various content types suitable for Facebook; however, the main thing is to create content that demonstrates an entirely different aspect of your business. Facebook (and Twitter) are fantastic for reaching large numbers of people. However, they also face much competition.

Around seven-in-ten U.S. adults (69%) use Facebook. The most significant demographic segment of Facebook users is those between 25-35 years, and 18.8 per cent of users are male, and 12.8 per cent of people are female. Seniors over 65 are the most deprived demographic on Facebook (4.8 per cent).


Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows influencers, companies to promote their business and focus on products, and coaches to prosper. Since opening shoppable posts in 2018, the possibility of generating a profit for companies that sell products is more significant than ever before. Not only can B2B’s interact with an enormous audience, but they can connect the products’ information and sales directly to the Gram.

Suppose your ideal audience is younger than 35 years old. In that case, Instagram could be an excellent resource because 75% of the 18-24-year-olds use Instagram, and 67% of Generation Z and 57% of Millennials use the app daily. Instagram has 1.16 billion monthly active users with $6.8 billion in revenue (2020).


LinkedIn has 310 million monthly active users with $8.05 billion (2020). Because of its vast professional network, you’ll discover more than 61 million people with senior roles profiles on LinkedIn. If you’re seeking people who can recruit your company, stock your product, or even partner with your business, LinkedIn is the best social media platform to use.

As for worldwide usage, the vast majority of LinkedIn users – 38 per cent, to be precise – are between the ages of 25 to 34, while 35-54-year-olds account for thirty per cent of the total users, followed by 24% of users that fall into the 18-24-year-old group.

35-54-year-olds account for 30% of users, while 18-the 24-year-old group has about 24% 

LinkedIn is a highly-focused social media platform. Because of this, it offers a wide range of opportunities to connect to a prestigious professional group that could change the direction of your company.


YouTube is the primary video social media site. It holds the second position for monthly active users, with 2 billion. The potential reach of YouTube is unrivalled, and 73% of US adult users are on YouTube.

YouTube has a large user base that spans all different age groups. It’s challenging to reach the older age group, with 38 per cent of US adult users using the platform, which is second in popularity behind Facebook.

YouTube includes a wide range of media, including gaming, beauty, education, and DIY home improvement. YouTube is the best platform that most brands invest in, as video is the fastest-growing form of marketing via content.

YouTube is the most well-liked among those aged 35 or less; it is only marginally. Seventy-three per cent of Americans aged between 36 and 45 are on YouTube, and 70% are between 46 and 55, this is a different trend from other social networks that dramatically drop usage in older age groups.


TikTok is the top site for short mobile videos with a mission to encourage creativity and bring joy. In 2017, just in one year, it became the most popular app globally. Despite efforts to ban TikTok within the US and even being restricted in India in 2020, Tiktok had over 2 billion downloads.

If you’re looking to connect to Generation Z, TikTok is the ideal platform to explore. In the US, 25 per cent of its users are younger than teenagers.

They are also very active; in January 2021, each user spent on TikTok was higher than on Facebook. Tiktok has 689 million monthly active users, and the total revenue is $35 billion (2020). TikTok has more than 80 million active users per month in the United States. 60% of users are female, and 40% are men. 60% of users are between 16-24 years old. 26% of users are between 25-44 years old.


Social media is vital for any company that wants to remain consistent and get noticed online. Since it allows you to help connect with customers next door, it can aid in reaching out to those across the world. 

In addition, it is also a powerful way to build brand recognition and generate new prospects, driving more web traffic. Also, it can help you know your customers better, understand the habits of your most loyal customers, and improve the quality of your service to customers.

The trick to choosing the best platforms for social media to suit your company is determining the objectives you’d like to accomplish through advertising. Find out which platforms your targeted customers are already using, and then select one compatible with the kind of content you produce. If you are confused about choosing a social media platform, you can trust SIMBAA to build the right mix of digital marketing strategy for your business.

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