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There always needs to be a medium that allows people to communicate with the companies and thoroughly understand the product. However, companies try their best by organising campaigns and including FAQs in their content, making it easier to come through general consumer issues.

But what happens if the user has a query apart from FAQs, then? We might think we have chatbots that will handle the issue, but these chatbots are bots and sometimes unable to identify the root problem. So comes the concept of call tracking plays a significant role in lead nurturing because a user with a product query can be your next regular client.

So some reasons can simplify why call tracking is more effective for lead generation efforts.

1. Best ROI

When companies invest in Ad campaigns, they make sure they grasp a higher percentage of ROI from that campaign. But in specific campaigns like PPC (pay per click), there is a hike in website traffic and engagement, but there is a minimal chance of them becoming customers. 

So in such campaigns, one can attain significantly greater website traffic, but ROI is not guaranteed. Whereas when the user is in contact through call tracking, it is easier to understand, and the rest lies in the salesman’s skills to sell his product.

2. Lead Nurturing

Lead Generation is crucial for attracting business to your company and onboarding new customers. Lead Generation and Lead Conversion decide the company’s growth and the retention of customers; some clients do not get on board instantly, so one needs to keep in contact and update them. These updates can range from the latest deals to new products launched by the company.

This lead nurturing process makes it easier to revive earlier declined clients. With lead nurturing, one can ensure massive growth and lead nurturing, and communication is streamlined using call tracking.

3. Increases chances of a full house

Reports have shown that call tracking generates the maximum ratio of leads because it allows users to open up their minds to the salesperson. Once the salesperson understands the user’s issues, explaining how their product is perfect becomes easier.

With this active technique to enhance their working, the salesperson can collect an excellent incentive and bring an entire house business.


4. The worthy gets the credit.

In the case of online leads, there are chances that the wrong person might get credits( the one who hasn’t worked hardest), but with the use of call tracking, the worthy one gets the recognition. Call tracking makes it easier to manage and look out for the leads; once you get the leads, you can get credit for your efforts. 

So by implementing the call tracking technique, the incentives go into worthy hands.

You can either use Google Call Tracking for Google Ads or any 3rd Party Call Tracking software if you want to track cross-channel campaigns

5. Increases Customer Retention

Business is a process that requires faith on both ends, which is somehow lacking on the online platforms, but with call contact, one can easily connect to the business person, making it easy to establish faith in the product.

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