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The world has gone digital, and therefore it becomes necessary to go along with it, or else we could get left behind. Writing emails every day, all day, whether it is for business or pleasure, we tend to take some shortcuts and do it quickly. That does not work when it comes to email copywriting while marketing.

What Is Email Copywriting?

Email copywriting is the act of writing an email for a potential customer, in the hope of striking a conversation, which may be a sign-up, trial, or a reply. All of which works towards the same goal – a conversation.

7 Tips for Email Copywriting

Sending communication mails to prospects and existing customers both are very crucial to a successful business. It is both a representation of your brand and also a clear-cut way to engage your target audience, which leads to conversions.



It is impossible to know whether your mail works or not unless you have a clear target to hold it against. The only way to determine whether your email worked is to have a clear understanding of what success would mean for you, regarding that email.

For example, if you send an email to 20 people and have a target of 10 responses, that becomes your measure of success. If you get more than 10 responses, great, but if you get fewer, then maybe you need to revisit it!

Whatever the target be – sign-ups, blog views, replies, sales, leads – having a set goal is the best way to analyze your responses.

Stress on Benefits


It is essential to stress the benefits of what you are trying to offer, rather than the features. Features are like the specifications of a new mobile phone. No one reads them, they just want to know what is new in the updated model.

Benefits are like marketing gold. They remind the customer of what they could have to gain if they were to subscribe or follow up on the mail that they got from you.



While writing an email to a potential or existing customer, it is essential to keep in mind that you are the voice of your brand. The person you send the mail to will be conversing with your brand in general and not specifically you.

This means that the email should be meaningful and your brand must be recognizable. Importance must be given to brand voice, and you must also feature your brand colours while also keeping in mind your brand guidelines.

If your brand is formal and strict, the brand voice should relate to that. If the brand voice is cheerful and fun, you can maybe crack a joke.

For example, if your company or business is a trading firm, you cannot be cracking jokes in your email, however, your company deals in toys, you cannot expect to relate to the audience by talking about the yearly turnover of the company.

Brand voice, therefore, is essential.

A Great Call-To-Action


The call-to-action (CTA)  in your email is the most important thing to keep in mind. The CTA is the final icing on the cake for your email. It needs to be compelling enough to make the customer ‘want’ to get involved with what you are offering.

Using active words make the email more engaging, which will help commit the customer to know more. Overused and vague descriptions are not appreciated at all. A CTA is like the last chance to show off the character and personality of your brand, so it needs to be used carefully, creatively and compellingly.

Always Edit


Just like having good, flawless content leads to better conversions, editing email copywriting becomes essential as well. No customer would like to receive an email that they can barely read, has bad grammar, stray punctuation, or just meaningless information.

Emails need to be written with the best grammar while making sure it is not too overly complicated. It is advised to do at least 3 rounds of editing so that you know what you are about to send your customers or potentials is flawless, attractive, and creative.

Be Brief

An internet statistic shows that on average, around 300 billion emails are sent every day. This number is shocking, but it is true. The average person now gets around 5-10 emails every day, whether they are working or not.

To put it simply, most people really do not have the time to go through huge emails, and so the tendency to ignore the contents of it. A brief, crisp and engaging email is what will have the best results.

Getting to the point quickly and briefly will help keep the customers interested, which gives your copywriting a good chance at being read.


ab test email campaign

Once the template for your emails is set and ready, it can look like you are all set. This is not the case though. It needs to be back-tested to understand whether the emails are really working or not.

For example, if you send out 20 emails, and you regularly get fewer impressions than your target of 10, it is clear that it is not working. In this case, it is a good option to draft another email and try to see if it yields better results.

A good way to start is by putting two emails to the test simultaneously, keeping a record of which yields the greater results. This, along with backtesting over a period of time will help you develop the best emails, which hopefully should lead you to the best results.

To Sum Up

Using these tips, and understanding the examples should help you develop your brand, as well as yourself as a copywriter. Email copywriting is not a natural gift, some people are better at it than others, but you can always get better.

Even if you are not a fantastic writer, it is okay, practise and back-testing along with following these tips, will help you get better at this, just like any other skill. It is important to think like a consumer and well as a marketer. Do that, and it will only get better!

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