Are you a thriving eCommerce seller or a commercial website owner? Is your e-business suffering from minimal traffic and poor sales? Did you answer yes to both of these questions?

Cool! You aren’t alone. About 90% of the online sellers and business owners fail to turn their business into whopping profits. Most online website owners build an attractive home page and grab the viewer’s attention.

But what most people fail to understand is that the homepage is an initial stage of a visitor’s journey. However, the destination of the user is ultimately either the product page or service page.

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Thus, building a high visual product page plays a vital role. I hope you might have guessed what I am talking about. Yup. It’s user experience. If you aren’t interested in reading the entire article, let me give you a summary.

Did you know that a web visitor takes just 0.05 milliseconds to judge a website and decide whether to buy a product or not?

The primary way to grab visitor’s attention is maintaining a high visual website with a great product page’s user experience. Moreover, it enhances customer’s trust in the brand or service. Therefore, it ultimately increases the sales and net business profits.

As you read the article, you’ll discover the following:

  • Top-rated misconceptions about the homepage
  • Why should you care about product pages? 
  • Reasons to focus on the user experience of product pages and many more. 

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Misconception About Homepage (Outbursted)

One of the popular myths about homepages is that it’s the essential web page and creates a first impression that makes users leave or explore the website.

However, these aren’t entirely true. This popular myth about the homepage made website owners spend colossal days building a beautiful homepage.

Recall how many days have you spent building your website’s homepage? Most probably, you might have spent a lot of days trying to figure out your ideal homepage. But do you think the homepage is really the essential page in the website?

Joshua, the author of “Prioritising Design Time: A Long Tail Approach,” stated that the homepage isn’t the most crucial page of all based on the statistical data.

Although the homepage gets more views, it’s not the most helpful page that users consider. Instead, blog articles, product pages, and category pages add value to the visitors.

Hence they are considered highly valuable. Therefore, optimising these pages is more beneficial than burning hours of energy on optimising the homepage.

How To Design Actionable Product Pages & Why Is It Important?

Of course, the homepage is one of the most viewed pages of your site. But product pages are meant for colossal conversions. It’s the place where most of the visitors or subscribers turn into customers. So, maintaining the product pages’ high user experience is crucial.

As landing pages contribute 80% of the website conversions, product pages act as a functioning tool for sales. Hence, product pages should consider the following factors.

  • Gain visitors’ trust by ensuring safe return policies and the effortless check-out process.
  • Convince readers to buy products or add them to a wish-list or cart.
  • Describe the product and manufacturing company in detail. Inspire customers and help them with each of your services or products.
  • Integrate social proofs, testimonials, ratings, and reviews for each of your products.
  • Add a dash of visual effects and a frictionless user experience. If you’ve no idea how to improve user experience, contact popular digital agencies like SIMBAA.

These are the few key things to consider to build action-driven product pages. Out of all factors, high user experience plays a vital role in boosting sales. But how? Are you curious to know about it? Read on to find out more.

Reasons To Focus On The High User Experience(UX) Of Product Pages

Did you know, according to the latest research reports of Forrester, businesses gain $100+ for every penny they spend on UX? Moreover, customers are likely to pay more for products with excellent UX design.

Here are the top-notch reasons from the digital experts why businesses should focus on the user experience of product pages.

#1. Increased Business ROI
increase business roi

Whether you’re a small eCommerce owner or a fortune company owner, everyone needs high ROI. One of the primary reasons why most businesses spend on user experience is to spike up business profits. Also, high UX page designing reduces cart abandonment.

For Instance, smartphones weren’t invented by Apple. But their interaction is quite different with the users. Similarly, as an eCommerce or online service provider, you don’t need to innovate something new. All you need to do is interact with the users in a new way by enhancing the user experience.

#2. Contributes To SEO 

It’s pretty surprising to hear. Isn’t it? High UX design attracts visitors and reduces the bounce rate. Moreover, a frictionless website holds the users for a longer period.

In addition to this, having a high UX design increases the user-friendliness and their interaction with the website — and This is one of the best SEO signals to search engines. As a result, your business gets more traffic and interacts with thousands of ideal customers daily.

#3. Increases Web Traffic by 50-75%

As discussed earlier, having a great UX increases website traffic. If you’re facing poor website traffic and terrible sales, improving user experience on product pages is one of the best solutions ever.

According to, having a high UX design spikes up the traffic by 67%. Hence, it contributes to great conversion rates.

#4. Repeat Customers 

Making customers buy repeatedly is another major reason to focus more on excellent UX design. Especially, users mostly search on mobiles. Maintaining an exceptional mobile user experience increases sales and holds customers for a longer time.

Unfortunately, due to poor UX product page performances, 60% of the people are abandoning the site. So, make sure to take advantage of UX to build repeated customers.

#5. Increase Customer Interaction With The Website

It’s no surprise to say that Apple stands out when it comes to interacting with users. Apple makes users’ journey effortless to explore the products and fills excellent enthusiasm to buy the product.

What do you think is the reason behind its unique customer interaction? Undoubtedly, its user experience is what makes it outshine the competition. Similarly, building an ultimate website without compromising on the user experience and interacting with their ideal prospects.

#6. Crush The Competition 

Have you ever zoomed out in the product picture while buying from an eCommerce store? Most websites, including your competition, lack great visual and UX product pages.

Although most business owners understand the importance of user experience, only a few drive into action. So, crush your competition by ensuring an excellent user experience and show the users visually that they are in the best place to buy products.

#7. Enhance Site’s Credibility 

Trust plays a primary role when buying products from unknown online websites. Before checking out, customers always question- How can I trust this website? Is the website authentic?

However, if you use great UX product pages, it’s effortless to overcome those questions. The high UX pages earn trust from the users as they dwell deeper into the website.

Once the businesses gain customer’s trust, product sales are just a matter of a few minutes. So, hire famous UX agencies like SIMBAA to build great user experience product pages.

#8. Drive Multi-lingual Traffic

Did you know where your ideal prospects are residing? It’s challenging to find the location of your loyal customers. So, it’s important to expand the business from local standards to international level.

Building a UX website with great multilingual features attracts a regional audience and contributes huge bucks. So, leverage great UX designs for driving traffic from rural areas to small towns.

#9. Enhance Customer’s Desire To Buy A Product

Another best feature of great UX is it increases the desire to buy a product. Top-notch brands, including Apple, Amazon, PayPal, Porsche, etc., increase sales by enhancing desirability in the customers.

For Instance, take an example of two standard car manufacturers, Porsche and Skoda. Both offer high-quality and reliable cars. But people often end up buying Porsche cars.

Though Skoda is also a well-known brand with loyal customers, the customer range is high for Porsche. The reason behind it is Porsche increases desirability among customers that ultimately increase sales and business profits.

It’s Your Turn To Take An Action

Take action by speaking to a reliable and expert UX digital agency, SIMBAA, that fixes the poor user experience of your online business. Outshine your competition with high user experience product pages and drive colossal business ROI.

As discussed earlier, most e-business owners fail to take action waiting for the right moment. To be honest, there isn’t such a thing as the right moment. Whenever you take a step to grow your business is the right moment. So, hire a top-notch UX designer and start your brand awareness.

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