Business Hack We Are All Missing or Not Taking Seriously - why customer feedback matters how to engage them

Working with over 100+ SMEs, we’ve come to a conclusion that businesses that actively engage with existing customers & continuously apply resolution based on customer feedback have grown over 46% more than the businesses that don’t.

Here is Why should you listen to your customers and ways to engage with them

Businesses provide fantastic products and brands, all flourishing enterprises today have a soft spot for customers. Do you know that 60% of enterprises count customer service as their foremost priority?

Won’t you feel overwhelmed when a company executive hears your grievances? Companies go the extra mile to build trusted relationships with customers. If you run a business and lack interest in customer satisfaction, let us get to know why you should listen to your customers and ways to engage with them.

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They boost sales

Listening to customers is the stepping stone for progress in any business. By heeding to the customer’s intentions, you get to grasp the actual requirement of the customer. By correlating with the customer, you gather information about the business and other players in the competition.

Customers update us with the cutting-edge demand and status of the industry. Customers highlight our drawbacks and help to keep up with the pace. Such details help businesses work fingers to the bone that upsurges sales. Hence the value of listening to customers is mandatory. Get associated with the customer directly and answer their queries through online forums and communities.

To work on the feedback

Customer feedback is the latest learning source for any business. Customers dissatisfied with the service or product render an in-depth view of their expectations and the part the organization needs to work on.

Though businesses do wonders by analysing data analysis and research for launching a product, customers are the sole players who find the loopholes.

To make happy customers

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It would be a delight for a frustrated customer to speak out and reveal the complaints. Hence listening to the customers brings in empathy and a cheerful feeling for the customer. Consequently, businesses should follow an emphatical idea of listening to the customers as they spill the beans about the product. This paves the way for a special relationship with the customers.

Do you know that a delighted customer upsurges your business when compared to a satisfied customer? Failing to listen to customers may end up losing them to our contestants. It is always great to heed their complaints and win their trust with empathy statements. Stay ahead of the curve, and use technology and various platforms to engage with the customers.

Obtaining new customers 

The best feature of maintaining a good relationship with customers is that they spread a good experience about the business to others, resulting in more customers. As the excellent experience is promulgated in social media, you are sure to hit the jackpot and gain new customers.

They are happy to be valued

 The development of services and products are meant only for customers, and hence it is essential to put the customers in the loop. By giving all ears to the customers, they feel belonged, are important, and wanted. A good suggestion would be to portray to customers that they are valued and wanted throughout. To escalate the product or service, customers are the stepping stone as they offer creative ideas.

Hosting an event, publishing a product tour, grabbing visitors through social media sites, obtaining feedback from customers are a few ways to cling to them and travel the journey with the customer. Do you love contests? Then establish a connection with customers by holding a contest and rewarding them.

Customers are the primary parameter for any business. Many businesses must have customer care as a separate department to heed their queries and satisfy them.

Pro Tip: Use Chatbots to automatically collect feedback

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