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Facebook and Google are two companies with a long-standing rivalry, which are usually in direct competition with each other. Businesses of any size have to make a choice as to which platform best represents their needs.

What Are They?

Facebook Ads are a top-tier example of advertising on social networks. Facebook has the highest number of monthly active users of any social network or the world, making it one of the biggest and most lucrative platforms to set up the digital marketing element of any company or business. 
facebook ads guide tips vs google ads

Basically, Facebook advertising warrants creating and maintaining ad campaigns using the Facebook Ads Manager, which helps to reach the target audience based on – location, profile data, and demographics.

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Google Adwords on the other hand, is the world’s largest pay-per-click advertising platform, and has become synonymous with the term ‘paid search.’ Pay-per-click is an advertising model where advertisers’ ads are displayed to users of the google search engine, and each time a user clicks on these ads, the advertiser is charged.

google ads guide tips vs facebook ads

Google Adwords is an excellent way to drive more qualified traffic to a website, especially if keywords used show the users’ desire to generate a purchase.

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Which Is Better For You?

To decide which model is better for your business, there are quite a few factors that one needs to weigh in before making that decision. 

facebook vs google ads intent

This is probably the most important difference between both platforms of digital marketing. Users on Google are usually searching specifically for something, while on Facebook, they are shown these ads based upon their interests.

Google uses a marketing strategy that pulls the customer towards the product they are in search of, while, on Facebook, it works more toward a brand awareness campaign, but yes it still brings in good leads & sales.

Users on Google are on a mission, looking for a specific product or service, and want to find exactly that or something that comes very close to it at worst. It is in the best interest of advertisers to show a product or service that exactly matches the intent of the search. 

Facebook users are different. Facebook Ads help you advertise to users that are not even actively searching for what you have to offer. They are probably surfing through their profile, or profiles of others when they are exposed to your ad. 

Facebook drives very good sales because we are enabled to target the audience based on what is desirable for the users and their interests. Users do not know you exist, they cannot be interested in any product or service you offer, because neither will they be searching for your brand, nor your product.

Audience Targeting


To have an effective advertising system, it becomes necessary to target the right audience.

Facebook Ads has a targeting advantage in this regard. With precise granular targeting, an advertiser has more control over who will be seeing your ads. Moreover, Facebook has a wealth of data, which gives it an impressive amount of knowledge of its users, life events, interests, behaviour, and a lot more.

All of these things help Facebook create and maintain a very detailed demographic profile of users, which then helps companies target their products and services towards an audience that will be more inclined to them automatically.

facebook ads targeting

But here is the problem – Facebook cannot help you if you do not know who your audience is. It is not possible to start using Facebook Ads and magically discover who the ideal user of your product/service is. 

Google Ads target keywords users type on Google, so it is not necessary to know who the audience is, to have your ads placed in front of them. 

audiences in google ads

By targeting the users that type in certain keywords, the ads automatically get placed in front of people that can convert into leads, because they are already actively in search of that product or service.

This tends to mostly hold true for google search and shopping ads, but you might want to consider remarking as it will help you retarget specific users. This is also why YouTube video ads go a long way in terms of brand awareness. 


When it comes down to visuals, Facebook Ads win every time. Google Adwords can simply work on keywords, while Facebook Ads allow you to feature videos, graphics, displays of products, amongst other things.

With Facebook Ads, it is possible to design the ads specifically, which gives the advertiser an upper hand in presenting products to potential customers. Meanwhile, Google Adwords, as its name suggests, is more text-based, causing it to lose this battle to the other social networking giant.

With Google constantly experimenting with the formatting of its text-based pay-per-click system, Facebook is continuously evaluating how it can offer advertisers a superior marketing plan as well as the best online experience.

Earlier Facebook had a rule that ads on the platform should feature text that occupies only 20% of the total space allotted, and even though this rule has now been relaxed, the platform remains inherently visual – a huge selling point to many advertisers.


It becomes quite obvious that the most important factor to weigh in when choosing a digital marketing platform is the cost of it.

Most marketers believe that Facebook Ads are more cost-effective. $10 on Facebook ads have the potential to give you a lot of impressions, views, and website traffic. While at the same time, $10 on Google Adwords can manage to give you three or four clicks, and that too, depending on whether you have chosen the correct keywords.

facebook vs google ads cost compare

Put simply, it is believed by most that it is possible to gain much more through Facebook Ads than Google Adwords with the same budget in hand.

Wrapping Up

Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are both massive advertising platforms, that have the ability to cater to any type of business and/or company. While understanding how both platforms work, it is also important to view them as complementary to each other rather than simply as competitors.

Some marketers swear by Facebook Ads, while others still insist on Google AdWords. And even though both have some similarities, the way that they have developed should be a sign to use both of them in cohesion, not opposition. 

Choosing one particular platform comes down to personal choice and capacity. It would be best to take a look at the factors above, and only then make a decision as to which one suits your business needs best, with the number of resources you have at bay.

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