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It can be frustrating to know why you are not getting the webinar attendance you deserve. In this article, we will discuss several ways that can help you get more people to attend your awesome webinar.

Online platforms have become an excellent way for businesses to promote their products or services, and one such platform that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently is webinars. People receive a lot of emails from different companies to attend their online sessions. It means it will be pretty tough for you to stand out from your competitors and engage more audience.

With our experience in growing webinar attendance over 5 years, here is our take on how to grow your online webinar attendance


Create High converting landing page


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Keep your landing page simple. Ensure that your visitors get the right information through your landing pages, however, don’t give them too much information. Leave something for the webinar as well.

Also, when you want your visitors to provide you with some details, collect only essential details. Your visitors will get irritated if you ask for too much information and may abandon your page. Strategically place a short snippet video of what the webinar is about and talk through your audiences’ pain points and how you can help them solve a problem.

Email + SMS pre-post workflows

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People receive various messages or emails from different companies every now and then. This means that they may tend to forget easily about your event and this is not what you want. To keep them reminded about your webinar, make sure to set up an automated email or SMS workflow.

Pre-webinar messages remind them about event date and time

Post-webinar messages can cement the key takeaways and the “Limited Time Offer” which may expire if they don’t take it up right away. (FOMO is real)

Defining the purpose of the webinar and its target audience


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A webinar with some specific purpose or objective is more likely to be successful than those whose objectives are not defined clearly. It should be clear what message you want to convey to the audience through these seminars. Once you have defined the goal, it will be much easier for you to focus on the topics related to it.

Defining your target audience is another important characteristic that you should not miss. If you target a segment not interested in your products or services that you are trying to promote through your seminar, it will not be beneficial for you. So, the first step before conducting the conference is to make sure that the goals and the target audience are clearly defined.

Create an arsenal of appealing images and videos

When promoting your webinar, you should make the most of it by using high-quality images, especially for social media. Visuals are effective and help target your audience using compelling text and a link. You can get such graphics created in several ways. For instance, using a series of original graphics that speak about the topic and incorporate all important details in them.

You can also choose to add a teaser video to provide your audience with the context of what the webinar is about. Keep in mind, not to use the same template that you have used for the images of previous webinars. This will help generate interest among your audience.

Apply TOF, MOF and BOF

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TOP refers to the top of the funnel and it basically means providing basic knowledge about the product or the service that your company offers. Whenever you organize a webinar, make sure that the audience is aware of which product you are going to present in it.
MOF refers to the middle of the funnel, which is associated with answering all the queries and objections that the audience has, so as to build trust amongst them. When you will answer the questions of your potential customers, it is more likely to generate a feeling of loyalty in them and they ultimately attend all the seminars that your company conducts.

BOF refers to the bottom of the funnel which means helping the customer out when he or she is finally ready to make a purchase. It is basically about making the buying process simple for the consumer.

Use various channels and mediums to reach your prospects with the right messaging at each stage.

Influencer marketing for more sign-ups

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to improve webinar sign-up. With this strategy, companies reach out to famous experts or influencers that help them in creating awareness about their campaigns or brand amongst the people who follow them.

Pick the best date and time

A company that knows its target audience is aware of which time zone they generally live in. Once you know such details, it will help you to decide the best day and time to conduct the webinar. Remember that whatever day and time you select must be relevant for your targeted segment; otherwise, they won’t be able to attend it. Various studies have shown that 10-11 AM is the best time to conduct these sessions to maximize attendance.

Organize giveaways or provide free resources like videos/audios to the attendees

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One of the best ways to attract more people to your conference is by announcing that they will be getting some exclusive information or get to participate in some amazing giveaway at the end of the session. You can choose the giveaway keeping in mind the demands of the attendees. It can be an ebook, a compilation of tools that can help them achieve results or even a swipe file they can use to get started. Remember, you don’t necessarily have to pick an expensive reward that is out of your budget.

Iterative A/B testing

Whenever you think of increasing the attendance rate of your online campaigns, it becomes essential for you to get the insights about your audience. A/B testing is one such element that helps in bringing the insights of the users. These insights include both the quantitative and the qualitative aspects of people. Nowadays, every business is using this testing method to increase their leads.


People receive many notifications regarding the invitation of webinars from various companies, and most of the time, they do not even bother to check it out. But if you are willing to increase the rate of attendance to your online sessions significantly, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above.

Hiring professionals can help you take care of audience attendance if you don’t have enough time and energy for these promotional activities. Here at SIMBAA, we can help you by providing experts to assist you in all the marketing activities. Feel Free to reach out to our Webinar Marketing Specialist if you need a hand with promoting your next webinar.

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