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When you own a business, it becomes essential to connect with your audience to be successful. There are several ways to connect with customers and one of the most effective ways is sending them emails. If you want to increase your revenue by selling more services and products, not only should email marketing be in your marketing mix, you must also look at ways to increase the response rate of your emails.

In this article, we will be sharing various tips that can help you increase email responses. Implementing the below-mentioned tips can eventually lead to boost the ROI.
It is hard for a business to survive these days because of its competitors. If you also want to remain in the race with your competitors, then study the below-given tips.


Make use of personalised emails

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People generally receive a lot of emails from various companies and it can be a little frustrating for them to check out every single one of them. Most of the time they even skip checking out the important ones. Therefore, if you want to stand out so that people will open your mail, then try using some personalised email address.

When you use common domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc., it is more likely to get lost amongst the large number of emails received by the recipients. To avoid this situation happening with you, make sure that you get a personalised domain address that includes yours as well as your company’s name. By doing this, it will be easier for the audience to identify your message and thus its opening rate increases.

Sending emails in small batches, to begin with

When you are working with a big list of emails, it is very challenging to manage a large number of subscribers. Sending emails to all the subscribers at once can create a problem for you. The system may get overloaded and left with various soft bounces and negatively affect the delivery rate.

Therefore, it is always suggested to send emails in small batches to ensure that it reaches every person on time to improve the response rate.

Learn about email body best practices

All the other factors will become useless if you will not focus on the main body of your emailing process. Once you have selected the subject matter, try to write about the main content. The body of the emails should not be very lengthy and complicated for the audience to understand. Try to keep it simple, straightforward and short.

email segmentation

  • Sending mails only to the targeted segment: 

One of the most important factors to note down if you want to increase the response rate is to make sure that you are sending emails only to the targeted segment rather than sending it to the whole list. It means that you have to make a list of the people who are more likely to purchase a particular service or product.

If you are still confused about it, then ask yourself, would you open the email from any company, who doesn’t offer the products or services of your choice or interest? If the answer is no, then you probably have understood the importance of the targeted audience.

  • Plan what headlines need to be presented: 

When you have just started a venture, it becomes essential for you to make the best first impression in front of your audience. But how can you do that? Well, the trick here is pretty simple. All you have to do is to use well-made headlines for the email that you are sending. Make sure that the headline is interesting enough to engage the audience and automatically increase its response rate.

  • Keep it short or on the point: 

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Here, we are not doubting your ability to develop great content but in general, people are more comfortable responding to short and engaging messages. They don’t like reading long content. It has even been confirmed by several experts that customers are lazy and don’t want to invest their energy in reading lengthy messages and responding to them.

So, if you have already hired a content developer, then ask him to make the content precise and up to the point. Simbaa is one of the best agencies that can help you to enhance your email marketing game and make you stand out from your competitors.

  • Warming email infrastructure: 

The main focus of email marketing should be that the messages should stay in the minds of the audience for a longer duration and for that you must not forget about its focal point, i.e., the email infrastructure. It includes various components such as feedback loops, IP addresses, reputation management tools, mail agents, etc. Let us check out some tips to scale the email infrastructure:

  • Send regular emails and ensure it contains valuable content:

It may take some time for you to achieve a consistent rate of engagement through email marketing. It is advisable to not send emails to your audience every day (when you’re starting up)  instead maintain a schedule and stick to it.

  • Create pre-recorded replies in order to give fast replies to your customers: 

Every company wants to make their customer feel special, which generally happens through the personalization of emails. However, it is not possible to reply to each and every person with a unique personalized message. So, make the use of pre-recorded replies that fits most of the common interaction of your company with its consumers.

  • Be particular about the CTA in your messages: 

Isn’t it frustrating when you are asked to do something but that action is not clearly defined? The exact situation happens when the companies are not able to be specific about the actions that they want from the readers. If you don’t want this to happen to your audience then make sure to be particular about calls to action in your messages.

A CTA can be linked to any other page which can engage the audience and tell them what actions they need to take exactly. These pages include the checkout page, a post that engages the audience, etc.

  • Proofreading: 

Most of the subscribers tend to ignore the messages that are filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes. This looks very unprofessional and is not a good thing if you are trying to build a reputable brand. Therefore, it is always suggested to proofread all the messages again and again before finally sending them to the audience.


Subscribers receive several emails on a daily basis from various companies and they are not likely to check all of them. Therefore, it becomes essential for every organisation to implement some strategies that can help them to interact with their audience and ultimately increase the response rate of their emails.

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