Google reviews is a low hanging fruit for Local SEO

Reviews are a quintessential part of the process whenever we talk of business growth and development. To rephrase: a review is just a connotation for reputation. Consumers’ shopping decisions are getting influenced by online reviews. The number of visitors who read reviews before visiting your website has increased dramatically in the previous three or four years. The same is for the number of buyers who trust internet reviews as much as a personal recommendations!

And Google has a 93 per cent share of the mobile and tablet search engine industry. The only search engine whose name has become a verb is Google. It is a no-brainer to take advantage of these types of stats.

Now, let us look at some of the massive benefits of Google reviews and why you must incorporate these into your business.

1. Google Listing & SEO

When you list your business on Google and go for a proper SEO mechanism, then Google makes sure you get the maximum benefit. People are increasingly searching for particular search keywords like company names + reviews.

A high review rating can help your company appear in the Google Local Pack, which displays the first three companies towards the top of the search results page as per their location. Websites can profit greatly from SEO, which can result in a long explosive increase. SEO is a crucial aspect of a digital strategy since it allows brands to create trust and credibility with their consumers.

2. Trust Quotient

For those unfamiliar customers, reviews have become a crucial source for getting the security and trust they desire before doing business with you. Reviews provide an insight into the quality of your goods and services and how customers are tended while doing business with you.

People will be more willing to believe you if they notice that you have a high rating. They will then place an order. With that transaction, you’re also enhancing your firm’s ROI because you didn’t have to spend on pricey promotions!

3. Improve click-through rates

If your company has a good review rating, online consumers are more inclined to visit your portal and learn something about what you do, rendering your business more visible to people. Need help improving CTR? Reach out to CTR Improvement Experts at SIMBAA

4. Rank better organically

Google indexes reviews and automatically shows the most locally relevant Page based on the keywords in review, It also notifies Google that you’re a credible, trustworthy service, which helps your SEO rating organically.

5. Best for Marketing

Google reviews can be helpful for marketing purposes as the inclusion of genuine reviews into your post on every social media platform will strengthen the foundation of your business and attract more customers to connect with you. A customer is more likely to trust the words of another customer rather than cliché marketing gimmicks.

The Parting Words

When you mix 1/2 part Google & 1/2 part Reviews, the power of reviews accelerates exponentially, as Google is the first place that almost 80% of potential buyers visit when checking anything online. And an honest review on google quickens the buying process. Looking to optimise your local business online? Reach out to us for a FREE Personalised Strategy.

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