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Facebook Lead Form Ads: How to Optimize for Results

There are many people out there that might be interested in your business, but are in no mood to fill up lengthy forms. Facebook Lead Forms makes lead generation easy. Here is why you need to use them now!

Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook Lead Ads

Why Use Lead Forms Ads?

Using these lead forms, it becomes easier to collect information about people that may be interested in the services you offer. Information such as – name, email address, phone number, and other custom information that you might find necessary, the best part is, Facebook Pre-fills all the information for them.

These forms can also include custom questions that may help you understand the needs and demands of your potential customers, which then help that the sales conversation intelligently
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How Does This Work?

Instead of trying to lure in potential customers using Facebook to go check your website’s landing page, it is easier to simply take action on Facebook itself and then feed that information into your records.

Using Facebook lead form ads, people do not ever have to leave Facebook to sign up or view whatever you are offering, because the form is right there in the ad, which prefills contact information without redirecting them. There are some simple ways to optimize your results, some of which, are listed below!

People are known to be impatient by nature. So the best thing that you can do is keep it short! Potential customers will make instant decisions on whether they are interested or not. So, keep the ads and the forms short so that they do not feel like they are wasting any more time than they think is necessary.
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Better Visuals

The goal is to get the potential customer so attracted by the ad that they almost feel like they have no other choice than to know more about it. A good way to start is to include better visuals, to catch the immediate attention of these potentials.

Ensure that the ad itself and the lead form is of the highest quality, and has a smart design. Another thing to absolutely make sure of is that the visual experience matches the context of the ad because if it does not, it might lead to confusion and the entire experience could get nullified.

Better visuals help put the point across in a way that enables the customers to get attracted and interested in what you have to offer.

Include Offers

It is human nature to always want something in return for anything you do. People will always be more likely to share personal information if they feel like they are getting or going to get something back in return for their efforts.

The best way to deal with this is to make sure that your leads are offering something of value to the potential customers so that they feel like they can actually benefit from it. Offers included can be something like:

• 10% off
• Free Consultation
• Free Callout Fees
• Free Audit, etc

Keep Track Of Results

While you use Facebook lead form ads, it is certain that you will get more feedback from both customers and other potential customers. It is easy to lose track of all of this so it is important that you actively track your results and feedback.

People want to move forward with a company or business that takes the advice of the customers and acts on it. If you do not keep a track of your results and feedback, it is hard to understand and be updated on the demands of the public, and it also leads to stagnation of your brand image.

However, on the contrary, taking the feedback seriously will help you go a long way in bolstering your customer’s strength. When you read through the submissions, you will get an insight into what they expect from you. Working on improving them will certainly earn you brownie points in the future. Moreover, addressing their queries and engaging with them will help you gain their trust and in turn, shoot up your conversion rate.

You can export it to excel or connect a CRM to pass lead automatically. Integration is available for the following CRMs:  or you can use Zapier Workflows to pass data into any system with access to API.

On An Ending Note

The more data you get, the more you end up learning, and the more you can optimize tools like these to add to your benefits in the future!

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