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Whenever you visit the Facebook page of a local restaurant, you might have often seen a little message box at the corner that answers all your general queries. Well, that is the simplest form of Facebook bot messenger.

Oracle did a survey in which it concluded that 65% of consumers prefer messaging a business when they want to know something about it. Moreover, over 80% of businesses are looking forward to integrating chatbot strategy for maximum ease of their consumers.

What Is A Messenger Bot, And How does it work?

A messenger bot is an automated messaging software that converses with people with the help of AI. They are programmed in such a way so that they can understand questions asked by prospects, execute tasks and provide answers. Consumers believe bots to be fast, reliable, easily accessible, and they also save a lot of time.

A Facebook messenger bot is a chatbot found in Facebook Messenger, and it can converse with people on behalf of your business. Businesses use Facebook messenger bots for marketing purposes, and they provide several benefits.

Facebook messenger is the third most popular app and is used by over 68% of Facebook users. That said, it offers a low barrier to entry for the target audience and your business. The app is not only to chat with your family and friends, but it also enables consumers to talk to businesses.

Also, if any business wishes to connect with its customers directly then integrating a Facebook messenger bot will be much cheaper than creating a mobile app.

The second advantage of using the Facebook messenger bot is that there is a lot less competition. Facebook has over 6 million advertisers, but only 30,000 are using Bot messenger at the moment. It enables businesses to reach their consumers directly, and it helps save time and money that businesses spend on customer care; it helps handle all eCommerce transactions, identify leads, etc.

What Is Email Marketing, And How Does It work?

Email marketing refers to a digital marketing process with which a business communicates with its audience via electronic mails. The messages in emails have commercial intent, but they can also educate and inform the recipients on a few topics of interest.

It uses emails as a sales channel and is considered one of the strongest marketing aspects. For more and more people to receive your messages and marketing emails, you need to have a BIG list of people’s emails.

Email marketing is not a complicated process, but this requires a lot of A/B testing to ensure what’s working and what is not. Businesses need to find a way to communicate with their prospects, and it should be beneficial for them and the consumers. You can reach out to Simbaa for any help concerning Email Marketing. Our team of experts will help you build a successful email marketing strategy.

Email marketing can be broken down into a few steps, as follows;

  • Signing up for an email marketing tool to send out automatic emails.
  • Establishing a robust email marketing strategy that helps their business stand out.
  • Gradually building a list of emails and growing it.
  • Setting up a few automation tasks so that they don’t have to go through the effort of setting up emails again and again.
  • Use A/B testing to improve the performance of the campaigns and also to monitor them.
  • Regularly clean up the email list to ensure the emails don’t land up in an inactive inbox.

Open Rate Comparison – Facebook Messenger vs Email

Email marketing is here to stay, and its importance is not lost. That said, almost 95% of companies that employ marketing automation obtain the advantages of email marketing for customer acquisition and retention. It was noted that more than 1/3 of the world’s population use emails, and over 250 billion emails are sent every day.

It was also reported that for every $1 spent on emails, businesses could expect a return of $40-45. The open rate of emails is about 27.62%. One of the significant drawbacks of using emails as a marketing technique is that there is no two-way communication involved.

On the contrary, Facebook messages sent by chatbots enjoy an open rate of almost 80%, and they also have a whooping clickthrough rate of 20%. It clearly states that using Facebook Bot Messenger is an ideal choice for businesses looking to take their marketing to the next level.

Moreover, messages from chatbots reach the prospects directly, and they can answer all their questions related to your business.

Facebook Messenger Bots Are A Tough Competition

Seeing the advantages obtained by businesses after using Facebook messenger bits, it is clear that this aspect of digital marketing gives tough competition to emails. Let us know how:

  • Higher open rate: The number of people who prefer chatbots has increased incredibly in recent years. Messaging is an effective way of interacting, and customers give rapid responses to the messages sent. They enjoy higher open rates compared to emails and provide the ability to solve their consumers’ problems with greater ease.
  • People spend more time on Facebook than email: A person cannot stay online on emails, and also, you will not know when they have their inbox open. On the contrary, people spend more time on Facebook, and you can chat with your prospects directly when they are online.
  • Messenger bot gives more options to retarget: Bots can retain information, and a business can go the extra mile with the help of customer info captured. You can easily retarget with relevant products and services similar to those your prospects are interested in. You can also remind them and follow up about the products that are still sitting in their cart.


Facebook Messenger Bots have gained momentum lately as compared to email marketing and by no means do we say that it will be the end of the road for email, but new channels when implemented correctly can add more revenue to your bottom line.

If you need help with building and integrating Facebook bots into your marketing mix, SIMBAA can help. We’ve built over 100 Chatbot for Customer Service, Sales & Notifications.

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