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Being drowned by competitors ranking above you on Google is going to be a new norm, hence, it is crucial to optimise your website to improve organic traffic with new & sustainable ways to be on top of Organic Rankings. One of the most under-utilised techniques for scalable SEO growth is Google Knowledge Graph. 

You might be here to learn more about the Google Knowledge Graph or how it affects the SEO of your website. Regardless of the reason, below we will talk about several methods on how to use Google Knowledge Graph for stimulating the rankings. If you want to skip the headache of configuring and managing it, you can speak to our knowledge graph experts to learn about the tools which can help you get a kick-start.

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What is Google Knowledge Graph?

To put it simply, the Google Knowledge Graph is packed with lots of evidence-based information on several people, specific things, and places. The information is classified as entities that encompass almost all the things, such as history, present trends, science, medicine, and many more. In total, there are over 5 billion entities and around 500 billion proofs on the Google Knowledge Graph.

Google Knowledge Graph was published in 2012, which is a knowledge base tool utilised by Google to discover information from numerous references and provide it in a single and clear format. The format or the search results are submitted to users in the infobox next. See reference

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At first, the Google Knowledge Graph was accessible only in English. But, now, it is available in multiple languages around the world.

What Are the Advantages of Google Knowledge Graph?

Though there are plenty of advantages, here are three primary benefits of Google Knowledge Graph:

  • The Google Knowledge Graph helps in providing swift and precise answers to the user queries, along with giving information to related questions.
  • Google reveals that with just a single question from the user, the Knowledge Graph facilitates the search engine to show answers to 37% of the following queries through the Knowledge Panels.
  • As the Google Knowledge Graph answers the next questions, you no longer have to browse through various websites. Therefore, you can save much time and effort without searching in the Google search bar endlessly.

How Does the Google Knowledge Graph Work?

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Google answers the questions by fuelling the knowledge graph in the finding and licensing data. It provides information through various sources, including sources that are accessible to the public and privately licensed.

The data that is displayed on the Knowledge Panels are produced automatically and it primarily depends on the earlier searches. However, manual updates are also possible if they are on par with Google’s rigid criteria.

How will Google Knowledge Graph affect search and SEO?

In general, the Knowledge Graph has much of a positive influence on search results and SEO, which include:

  • Knowledge Graph uses quality signals to provide great content from the index
  • Users will receive appropriate search results
  • Google Knowledge Graph can understand entities and questions in several languages.
  • Google displays the Knowledge Graph information in a few SERP features such as knowledge panels and knowledge cards.
  • Offers better brand visibility and additional SERP real estate
  • Knowledge Graph assists Google in answering many questions immediately in the SERP.

However, one disadvantage of Knowledge Graph to SEOs is that it results in fewer clicks on search results. As people are not clicking on their search results, there is little to no organic traffic, even if the website has a high rank. However, if your website features in, what Google calls, Position Zero, it’s a great indicator that your website is well understood by Google, which in-turns gets a great overall ranking boost for your website.

How To Utilize Google Knowledge Graph To Boost Your Organic Rankings

As you know the potential benefits of existing in the Knowledge Graph, you might want to use it to upgrade your organic rankings. In that case, make sure to follow the below-mentioned things.

Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Company

The Google Knowledge Graph heavily relies on Wikipedia as a primary reference of information. If your website or company does not have a specific Wikipedia page, consider creating it immediately. Make sure to load your Wikipedia page with practical information about your website or firm, including:

  • What your website does
  • How it is formed, creators, location
  • Recent news

Be precise while adding the content because the included information has to obey all the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia.

Although anyone can edit anything on Wikipedia, everything is subject to both deletion and revision, which results in high-quality content that is accurate and agreeable. To leverage Wikipedia for your Google Knowledge panel, the content you post to Wikipedia must have a neutral point of view – if you attempt to promote or advertise, Wiki Moderators can take it down almost immediately and ban you from making edits.

Make A Wikidata.Org Entry

The Wikidata reserves information for Wikipedia and additional Wikimedia sites. Undoubtedly, a large part of Google’s Knowledge Graph information arrives from Wikidata. In a sense, maintaining a Wikidata profile is much more significant than Wikipedia which does not include many procedures.

The procedure to create an element is easy, but adhering to all rules, particularly the Notability policy of the Wikidata, is not simple. You need to add relevant sources as proof of the provided information, and it could get eliminated if it is not linked to the Wikipedia page.

Utilize Schematic Markup

The schema is a language code that can be used to convey the words on your website to the search engines. The extra schematic coding assists Google’s algorithms to discover, interpret crucial information on your website and promote it in the Knowledge Graph. Follow the below things:

  • Utilize Organization markup
  • Consider using your website logo, URL name
  • Comprise all the social media profiles along with your Wikidata and Wikipedia pages
  • Verify the markup.

Learn more about Schema and how to configure it on

Looking to setup Schema, get in touch for a Free Schema Architecture for your website

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Create a Google My Business Account

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If your website or company has a physical location, signing up for the Google My Business Account is vital because it enhances your brand’s visibility in search engines and Google Maps.

Make sure to add structured data in the Google My Business listing, which gives more organic rankings in the Knowledge Graph. Consider including the name, phone number, address (location), and extra details like opening timings, working days, and so on.

Stay Active And Create Great Content

Lastly, it is very important to be active and post content constantly on your website with great content to maintain consistency. Try to update relevant content including the latest information on your website as much as possible and improve your PR policy.

Make sure to post content regularly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. LinkedIn is one of the most incredible open-source for the Google Knowledge Graph.

Final Words

Loaded with plenty of entities and proofs, the Google Knowledge Graph enables users to use Google’s search engine all the time to discover quick answers to their queries. We have incorporated all the possible ways to use Google Knowledge Graph to improve your organic rankings.

In addition to those methods, some software provides cheat sheets or shortcuts which can increase your website rankings and boost organic traffic. Whether you want to know more about SERP Features, keyword tracking, or organic rankings, SIMBAA‘s Google Knowledge Graph Experts can help you build a sustainable stream of organic traffic with specialised SEO techniques kept away from Traditional Agencies.

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