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Who doesn’t want to appear and rank in the Google search results? We are sure that every company and entrepreneur wants this, and there are multiple ways to do it. One such way is using Google My Business (GMB). It gives fantastic opportunities to organizations to pop up on top of the Google search results.

If you want to locate your company on Google maps and appear in the local search results, you must have a GMB account. It will help you display more information related to your business, such as contact address, working hours, website link, etc. It has recently come up with a new feature that allows users to post links to upcoming events.

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Moving on further with this article, we will be discussing the GMB account, its benefits and how you can optimise it.


Helps to locate your business on Google maps

With the help of the GMB account, you can benefit from appearing in the local pack and the maps. If you don’t know the local pack exactly, let us break this for you. In simple words, whenever you search for any place on Google, the list of businesses that appears on the top is referred to as the local pack.

Every business owner must concentrate on showing up in the local pack because it is the first thing the visitor gets to see whenever he searches for any place. You also have the benefit of putting up some relevant information about your business on the web like your company’s address, working durations, etc.

It is cost-effective

Google my business is free and one of the most effective ways to put up your business before your potential consumers. Many other directories can handle this task for your company, but it comes at a price that might not be affordable for you.

Using GMB, your customers can easily access your business’s information, such as its call number, website link, etc. They also get access to view your feedback and ratings posted by the other clients. If you have just started your new venture, and don’t have a big budget, then opting for this method will be the best choice.

Building trust amongst the audience

Nowadays, people are facing a lot of issues when it comes to trusting any brand. If you want to build confidence amongst your customers, you have to make sure to create trust amongst them. One of the best ways to use this is by using Google my business to add the location of your company. It has been found that customers find a brand more trustworthy when they show up on Google.

Provides valuable insights about your customers

When a company knows about its potential customers well, they can try to do much better to attract them and build trust. All you have to do is to click on the insights button appearing on the GMB page. You will get valuable information by clicking on insights such as your target audience, how you’re brand appears to them, etc. It is the best tool to analyse how your business is performing.


By now, you have gained knowledge about why it is essential to have GMB for your company. But creating an effective GMB to boost your sales and achieve all the above benefits is also an essential factor to consider. Let us check out some of the best ways to optimise GMB.

Update all the information related to your business

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The first step that should strike in your mind while building a GMB account is to update all the necessary information about your venture. Make sure that you complete your profile by filling all the columns. The list of information that you need to provide include address, contact number, web link, description, photos, work hours, etc.

Add a brief description of your business

Adding description also plays a vital role in developing your brand. All you have to do is log into your account and click on the “info” button appearing on the left of the screen. After clicking on the info button, you will find an add description button. A menu will come up in front of you where you have to write the description of your venture. Keep in mind that you only have 750 characters to write.

Make sure that the description you add is not lengthy at all. Try to add most of the relevant keywords to it. These keywords should include the words that you think that your potential customers will use to find out about your company.

Don’t forget to add images

Undoubtedly, there must be no denial that pictures are better to engage more audiences than the text or descriptions. Therefore, you must not forget to add photos to your GMB account. According to various studies, it has been found that the web pages that contain photographs received 35% more clicks than the ones that don’t.

Pro tip: Adding Metadata (EXIF) to your image will greatly enhance your search for google images 


If you have started a new venture, you might be looking for some cost-effective ways that help you to build your brand. Google My Business is one such free method that can help you in boosting your sales by engaging more audience. Check out the above tips to optimise your GMB account for better results.

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