How To Eliminate Click Fraud On Your Ads? - How To Eliminate Click Fraud On Your Ads

You have worked hard enough to improve your advertisement campaign, create outstanding results, and conquer market sales. Your ads are live, but then you suddenly start facing one major problem: People are clicking on your ads repeatedly but with no intention of purchasing any of your products.

Well, this is something that is known as Click Fraud and it is becoming a new challenge for advertisers (looting advertisers around $6 billion per year worldwide), and thus hindering your business’s success.

What Is Click Fraud?

Running a PPC ad on any platform means paying for every single click you get on your ad. If you are doing well on your ads, you can expect many clicks to transform into massive sales.

The average conversion rate, for instance, is 3.48% on google for mobile ads showing three sales per 10 clicks you get. But what happens when people visit your ads with no purpose of buying with your website?

The problem is common issue advertisers face, called Click Fraud. It may increase your daily ad expenditure, but unfortunately, you will never reach your daily target of the audience with that ad.

How To Prevent Ad Fraud?

Search Engines are now taking this as a major concern for advertisers and are placing systems to combat it. Spotting Click Fraud isn’t an easy task, and people have also found some way to overcome the systems to continue with their fraudulent activities.

There are many ways to prevent ad fraud and some of them are mentioned as follows:

  • Block the fraudulent IP address:

Before you take any steps, you must know where your ads are being shown. Search for fraudulent IP addresses from that list and report or block them as soon as possible. Also, run retargeting ads, as only those customers who have visited your website will be able to see the ad.

  • Focus On Specific Countries

Certain regions are labelled as fraud zones as they are quite prone to have click bots. As a result, you need to target specific countries where you wish to display your ads.

  • Target potential buyers to reduce the chances of fraud. 

Make your ads visible on social media, e.g. Facebook, as you can get many potential buyers there.

  • Use A Click Fraud Detection Tool

There are plenty of tools in the market to detect and report fraud clicks to Google, most of them are based on a heuristic approach. Install fraud protection software such as  ClickCease, CHEQ, PPCProtect, Clixtell, TrafficGuard etc. They help you detect and report fraud clicks for a chance of a refund.

The Bottom Line

We hope by now you are aware of what click fraud means and what are the steps you can take to stop them. If you see several clicks from the same IP Address and a click timestamp with no action time stamp, it can lead to some suspicions. In this case, you should take all the necessary actions as mentioned above.

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