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With time, business practices have changed. What worked in the last decade may not yield results today. The use of the internet for promoting services and products has brought a revolution in the marketing world.

A few years back, companies used emails, phone calls or store visits to reach their customers. However, today they can interact with their customers daily with the help of digital media.

Brands need to have a unified approach to maintain timely & valuable interactions with their customers.

This article will discuss how to jump curves with digital marketing in the E-Commerce sector and leave your competitors awestruck.

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Digital marketing can be done in the following ways:

  • Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing.
  • Content Creation.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Digital Display Advertising.
  • Remarketing and Retargeting.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Web Analytics.

of course, there are more channels & touchpoints.
The digital marketing channels act as an essential medium for providing brand and product information to potential customers.

Omni-channel marketing refers to the cooperation and integration of several channels that organisations employ to interact with their consumers. The major goal is to make the experience of shoppers easy, to the extent possible.

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What Is Omni-Channel Digital Marketing?
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Omni-channel digital marketing aims to provide the best customer experience through various digital marketing channels, including mobile advertising, e-commerce sites, social media, billboards, etc. This method of marketing allows customers to interact with their chosen brand at any time and any place.

The potential buyers use various devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones etc., to interact with their chosen brand. Thus, it is quite important for marketers to provide a seamless interaction experience through all these devices. Being equipped with the following tips, you can easily outperform your competitors.

The Best Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies, it’s like turning on GOD MODE
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Do What Works Best For Your Customers

The digital marketing world is highly driven by customer experience. Your digital marketing campaign must focus entirely on your consumer’s needs and what works best for them. The customers must not face any difficulty in getting the required information about any service or brand.

Keep Track Of Consumer Data

To excel in digital marketing, you must have a data-centric approach. You must combine data from various sources that include the user profiles, their search behaviour, demographics and their buying habits.

A majority of the leading organisations use customer relationship management or CRM software to keep track of the consumer’s data. This data will help you understand who your potential customers are and how they interact with your brand. Also, make sure to ask for customer feedback.

Reach customers with personalised messaging 

Digital marketing is mainly dependent on the personalisation of messages as well as proper targeting. Categorising subscribers into groups and categories makes it easier to send messages.

You can categorise the subscriber based on the customer profile, the shopping behaviour and the campaign engagement levels. Also, you can automate the process of sending relevant messages to the accurate customer group at the right time and through multiple channels with constant messaging.

Having a Persona create for your customer does wonder to your business.

Segregate Your Customers

The creation of customer segments and Data Analysis helps in getting familiar with the journey of the consumer. Once you are done with this process, the next step is creating personalised messages to send to each segmented group.

For example, if you find that a group has a strong inclination towards discounts or sales, you can prompt them as soon as there is an offer. However, you must make sure to send personalised messages that attract their interest and drive conversions. You must ensure to use leverage tech & automation to supercharge your marketing and deliver personalised advertisements on various channels.

Excellent Customer Care

You can easily enter a customer’s good books by offering help to them. However, you must ensure that the help provided should not look like or be a sales pitch. Customer experience should always be about comfort and convenience. Sales popup messages that are not adequately targeted can be highly annoying and create a negative consumer experience.

Below mentioned are a few tips that will help you to enhance customer care operations:

  • Decrease the response time on social media: To convert your potential buyers, you must provide them with instant solutions. Also, it would help if you resolved their feedback as soon as possible. Make sure that your team acknowledges any social media mention as soon as it is made and resolves them at the earliest.
  • Live chat assistance: Customers prefer live interactive chat sessions to resolve their issues. By integrating a live chat software solution, you can easily handle such problems.
  • Customer self-service: Ensure the presence of a well-researched and comprehensive frequently asked questions section on your website that is easy to navigate.
  • Use Chatbots: You can use chatbots to collect users’ information and the chatbots will direct the users on how to solve the problem they are facing.

Read more about How Chat Bots are Smashing customer service, all day, every day.

Seamless Payment Gateways 

By integrating the suitable payment gateway options, you can avoid any inconvenience encountered by the customer. Also, ensure that there isn’t any time lapse between the order placed online and the confirmation message received by the customer.

New age payment gateways, not only let customers check out with their credit card but have options to Pay with Apple Pay/ Google Pay or even Pay Later, having these options for customers at checkout significantly improves the conversion rates.

Stay Active Across All Channels

The best part about digital marketing is that it helps get a proper understanding of the customers’ profile data, behaviour, etc. Every single move on the app can be easily tracked. Use this data to your advantage. Also, when you provide service to your customers via multiple platforms, it is essential to be responsive on all the channels.

Your Services Must Be Mobile Friendly

Most of your potential buyers belong to gen Z. Thus, it is essential to provide support across mobile devices. Today a majority of consumers use mobile devices to make purchases.

It is essential to keep your mobile customer service updated. You must ensure that your website is supported on mobile platforms and has an FAQ section and self-help videos.

Unleash God Mode with Omni-Channel Advertisements

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When your customer interacts with one of your channels, with data & tracking, you reach them with personalised messages based on the stage of the buying process they are in. They start seeing your targeted messages wherever, they go, it resonates with them and they make a purchase!

Final Word

We hope that the following tips will help you implement the best omnichannel digital marketing techniques and stay ahead of your competitors. SIMBAA can help exponentially expand your business with our proprietary growth marketing framework called helium1, and our experience of over 15+ years helping grow businesses of all sizes across the world.

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