Google Ads (formerly knows as Google Adwords) is a great source and an excellent online advertising platform that supports advertisers across the globe to grasp new customers and escalate business to the next level. With more accessibility, benefits, and ease, particular Google Ads are subject to underperformance if not run or set up effectively.

Let us run through a few ways to save underperforming Google Ads Campaigns.
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Keyword research 

If your Google Ads campaign is underperforming, glimpse through the keywords and focus on keyword research. It is mandatory for the ad content to be perfect and hence employ Google Adwords planner, which is free. Pen down all the keywords that are appropriate to the service.

By using Keyword planner, you gain another massive list of keywords and details such as frequency of keywords searched and competitors’ focus on keywords. Narrow down the list and eradicate unrelated keywords. Thus, keyword research has the power to uplift underperforming Google Ads.

Search Queries

Looking at what search having been performed by users will give you a clear indication of what queries are leading to your website with the search campaign, most of the time Search Queries are missed by major agencies which increase the cost & lower your Google Ads Quality Score

Add no relevant queries to Negative keywords, that way Google won’t show your ads for those queries again.

Split Ads Between Devices

Think about it logically, users will buy products on mobile which are no-brainers, low-medium range in terms of price, that doesn’t require much research (eg. phone accessories), while products that require research (eg furniture) have a bigger buying Cycle, researches are always much better on a computer than a phone.

Splitting a campaign gives you control over bidding options and help control cost & make the campaign profitable.

You don’t need to always split the campaign, as a general rule, look at the products you’re selling and decide based on that.

Attribution Modeling

Attribution is your greatest friend while analysing your campaign results, Google uses Last Click Attribution to assign a conversion to your campaign, meaning, if the ad was the last click that made the conversion (sale or lead) Google will assign that conversion to that campaign, In reality, it’s not that simple, there is a high chance that someone making the conversion has gone through series of hops (journey) before finding your ad.

You need to look at data holistically to figure out if the campaign is really not performing, most of the time, that campaign could be catching user attention at the early end of the buyers’ journey and sending traffic to the website, but another ad is clicked before making a purchase.

Location targeting

Entrepreneurs planning for services within a limited geographic location should plan for Google Ads for the targeted area only. By failing to do so, businesses need to pay for clicks where services are not possible.

Hence to escalate the performance of underperforming Google Ads, Planning is a primary criterion. The result of targeting comes to light only after the launch of a campaign; hence keeping an eye on the Ad words dashboard can prevent underperformance.

Focus on the appropriate audience 

To save your campaign from underperformance, ensure to focus on the audience interested and benefitted from the Ads campaign. The right audience is the ones making the campaign more engaged. Follow basic demographics such as location, age, and gender to make your campaign successful.

Exact match targeting / New Phase Match

Exact match targeting happens when visitors type the exact search words, and as a result, the Ads appear. Such an idea gives a grasp over the Ad and averts spending on inappropriate phrases. Keep track of the keyword performance and then move towards a broader setting that’s beneficial. Such ideas save Google Ad from underperformance.

New Phase Match incorporated by Google back in February 2021, replaced the Broad match modifiers, they help you capture a lot more traffic you may miss by just using Exact Match

Master Remarketing & RSLA

The best and beneficial tactic to be followed in any campaign is remarketing. It is essential to bid higher & pop up the Ads to visitors interested in the business. By following remarketing, people are likely to collaborate with you for business. Remarketing assists in engaging previous visitors.

Linking Ads to pages that show similar keywords

Save the underperforming Google Ads by redirecting the visitors to pages that discuss similar topics as the keyword. Such a method reaps you with a better quality score. As Ads are less associated with landing pages, the rate of visitors is also less.

Google Ad words are one of the finest and best platforms for marketing. The management and building of campaigns are carried out impeccably by following specific tactics. For underperforming Google Ads campaigns, taking initiatives and implementing the above works seamlessly.

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