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Among all the changes that Instagram witnessed over the years, its switch from chronological to the algorithmic way of showing content was significant. If you’ve also noticed a considerable drop in your engagement, impressions, and followers, thanks to the latest update, less than 10% of your followers can see your posts and read along on how to fix it.

As Instagram is a money-making business that remains one of the best platforms for advertising by keeping the users on their app, it favours only those accounts that can support their followers as active and engaged as possible!

In this guide, we will learn how to beat the new Instagram algorithm to enjoy its endless perks:

Posting Consistently

Posting consistently on your account does not mean daily but simply following a schedule. You could post once a day or three times a week, depending on a pace that you can keep up with in the long run. Consistency helps ensure that your followers and the algorithm don’t forget about you while maintaining the quality of your posts.

Adding Hashtags

While some Instagrammers believe that posting hashtags in the caption helps reach more followers, others believe posting it in the comments works better. My advice is to try both methods to see what works the best for you.

Although Instagram allows using up to 30 hashtags in a post, it can be picked up as spam if you use all of them. So, only use unique and suitable hashtags.

Engaging Within 60 Minutes

Engaging with your followers within the first 60 minutes of posting content will help drive more audience to your post. The more time you spend keeping your followers entertained, the more Instagram will favour you. 

Using Instagram Stories

The best way to reach out to more people using Instagram stories is to use the engagement features. It includes stickers, quizzes, polls, and emoji sliders. Every time a user engages with your account with these features, the Instagram algorithm interprets it.

Creating Engaging Content

It’s easy to comfort yourself by thinking that it’s the algorithm’s fault, but your audience will not engage with you if it is not something worth engaging. So, the first element would be to make your content a conversation starter to invite people and trigger discussions.

GeoTag your Posts

Another trick is geotagging a trending location, as it helps show your posts to more followers. If you want to engage better with your audience, visit a popular place to create content.


Reels on Instagram have become the new trend people are following religiously. The current algorithm on the social media platform favours the content created via reels. One way in which you can make the algorithm favour your content is by making vertical videos and using original or trending audio.  

The Bottom Line

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing based on user data. When you post something, and it does well, it is not because the algorithm decides to promote it but because the data the algorithm received from the users indicated that it was a post worth showing to people.

Instead of figuring it out, focus on creating content that your followers want and something you enjoy making. Consequently, the algorithm will help you grow. Want to boost your Instagram engagement? Get in touch with our social media experts in Sydney, Gosford & Parramatta.


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