Intent-Based SEO & PPC: 5 Ways to Build Incremental Benefit - intent based SEO PPC 5 ways to build incremental benefit

Marketing is essential for the growth of your business, and when it comes to content marketing, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click play a vital role. So, if you are looking for ways to maximise your revenue with the help of SEO and PPC, you are at the right place.

Intent-based marketing talks about the motivations and driving needs of any consumer in particular so that you can be the promising option at that moment.

The keywords people use to ask their questions reveal a great deal about the reasons for their search. Hence, search is one of the most critical channels for intent-based marketing.

So, let us look at some of the ways to build incremental benefits with the help of SEO and PPC.

PPC to Fill All Gaps Caused by Campaigns

Supercharge organic search results with paid ads. Keywords that are tough to rank by SEO and have high competition may not give you high rankings organically. To beat your competitors, you can choose to target hard to rank keywords through paid search advertising.

The added advantage is that when Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and Pay Per Click(PPC) work together closely, you cover the gaps on SERP. That said, you can save your PPC budget where your structure is already receiving top rankings or SERP properties like a featured snippet.

Aim for Broad Coverage on SERP for Ambiguous Queries

When you understand the intent behind a particular query, you get to target consumers precisely, may it be through SEO or PPC.

One query may mean several things, and you need to focus on the intent that is highly related to your business. You can work on enhancing your brand’s visibility by concentrating on the organic results more like an informational play.

Additionally, you can focus on PPC in a highly transactional way.

Focussing On Different Pain Points after Understanding Intent Types

The intent of any two searchers who are using similar questions could be the same. However, the pain points may differ. For instance, a consumer is googling – best full coverage sleeping masks for flights. By this query, you can say that they have already searched for different masks, and the chances are that they have already used such masks earlier.

Search Engine Results Page Coverage

We can also conclude from the above example that these consumers share the same intent, but their pain points could be different. One may need it for a flight, and others may need it to sleep during the daytime. You can intend for SERP coverage for both types of consumers.

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Boosting Local Search Performance 

In places where Google detects local intent, the Map Pack appears. However, if you are new in the market and have fewer reviews than others, then competing with such businesses in the local ranking is tough.

The Bottom Line

Understanding the intent behind a search performed by the user is highly critical for businesses. No matter their intent, you should optimise the results for your searcher by using both SEO and PPC to obtain maximum benefits.

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