Top Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid When You Startup - marketing pitfalls to avoid

If you are a young entrepreneur and have just started exploring the gigantic marketing world, be careful. There is a burble, and you may not hear it at first. The strategies you would have applied may not work today because the techniques change constantly. To avoid any marketing mistake that would result in a loss, make sure that you know these marketing pitfalls.

Common mistakes in Marketing:

1. Not having a strategy:

You  should build marketing around a perfect process that engraves the customers in your hand. Otherwise, marketing will not succeed. Lacking a holistic approach to the strategy sometimes proves to be a disaster.

2. Failing To Create A Set Of Goals

Not knowing what you are focussing on might cost you gravely. Thus, make sure to list specific goals that resonate with your business. 

3. Not Researching Enough

Making assumptions about your audience’s likes and dislikes is one of the deadliest mistakes you will ever make. Take out time to research your audience’s liking demographics and make sure to research properly about your competitors.

Marketing needs considerable research, although it is a kind of guesswork. Making assumptions about the customers needs to be based on the research report. Or else it should be there to support your decision.

3. Not giving the required attention to social media:

A powerful tool for marketing your business is Social Media. But most entrepreneurs do not understand its importance in the first place. They think social media is a waste of time and don’t want to spend time on it.

4. Forgetting about the resulting graph:

Many businesses forget to track the result of their marketing campaigns. Whether you are doing digital or offline campaigns, not inspecting the results will cause more significant loss—facts and figures about what works and what doesn’t will remain unrevealed. 

5. Not defining audience:

Uncertainty brings failure. When you don’t have a clear idea about your audience persona, you won’t design the marketing idea perfectly. You have to create a complete persona of the customer you are targeting.

6. Not addressing your audience:

Consumers will be intrigued if you offer them solutions to their problems. The marketing strategy that only promotes the product but doesn’t address any consumer problems will fail.

7. Marketing only to new customers:

If you aim to get more customers and not service the current ones correctly, you will lose customer loyalty and retention. While getting new customers is crucial for business, servicing current ones still stays top of the list. Retention can get you 3x more revenue than nurturing a new client.


Avoid these pitfalls and stay on top of your marketing game, especially if you’re on a tight budget and trying to scale your business organically. Are you looking for some online marketing advice for your business? Feel free to reach out to SIMBAA; our experts have helped companies like you to find their true north and reach it!


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