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Are you drafting plans to launch your eCommerce website? Then you must be in a quandary about choosing the right platform.

While discouraging about eCommerce platforms, there are ample, but WordPress and Shopify ace the test. The content management systems hold unique features and advantages that keep your online store stand out from the rest.

Let us dig into detail about Shopify and Word press to choose the best option.

The fundamental overview of Shopify Vs. WordPress 

The prominent website builder Shopify is a closed source eCommerce platform.

So, what is a closed source platform? In a closed source platform, Shopify takes the complete responsibility of maintenance and coding aspects. By opting for Shopify, you need not host, download or purchase software to run on a server.

Just a monthly access fee is ample as it’s a software as a service tool.

While discussing word press, it comes in two offerings as and The platform is an open-source, self-hosted solution that depicts that the software is free. But, remember it mandates a purchase hosting from a third-party provider. At the same time, is similar to Shopify with software as a service tool.

Technical requirements for Shopify and WordPress 

I could honourably bring out that Shopify is the best choice for users who fall short of budget to hire professionals to build the store and for ones not to the core in web development skills. Users raise the flag for Shopify for the development of online stores quickly without the need for coding or significant investment.

Similar to Shopify, WordPress is a perfect selection for website novices. Creating and maintaining a website is possible though you aren’t tech-savvy. However, setting up a site with WordPress mandates to follow a steeper learning curve.

Set up and use: Shopify vs WordPress

Signing up for a free trial is a great way to get started with Shopify. Creating an account by following instructions is a walk in the park with Shopify. The new mission control is straightforward and intuitive. Users can instantly customize themes, add products to a cart, initiate payments, and much more. The simple platform also enables you to purchase domain names for the site. The aspect about Shopify is the availability of massive library free as well as paid plug and play apps.

Sign Up For a Free Shopify Trial for 14 days

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While touring the details about WordPress, it’s a varied version. With the assistance of a third-party provider, a web hosting and domain is purchased. Then starts the installation of word press preceded by login details.

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In the setup and usage category, Shopify scores a bit more as its dashboard holds various features such as SEO, security, and analytics tools. In contrast, WordPress requires a third-party plugin for such features.

The user base for Shopify and WordPress 

Before stepping forward to pick a website development solution, getting to know the details about the user base for Shopify and WordPress is crucial. The main intention of the above idea is that large user base platforms possess more plugins, resources, and support options. A solution with a large user base minimizes the risk of any hindrances that come up.

The fact is that Shopify and WordPress hold a massive user base. According to, there are about 2.6 million stores that run with Shopify. The self-hosted WordPress sites have a stunning record of 75 to 90 million sites available. Though WordPress stands out to be technically safe, Shopify is prominent amongst millions of users.

Area Shopify WordPress
Ease of Use Easy, requires minimal coding skills. Deeply technical but offers almost immeasurable customization.
Build Time Getting a store up is instant with massive uploading of products with an instinctive dashboard. A little longer process unless you’re a coding expert. An eCommerce plugin is mandatory.
Cost Free trials are available with various pricing plans. Free to use, but results in a few hundred dollars while opting for hosting, themes, plugins, and more.
Themes More than 70 themes are available that are designed in-house and mobile responsive. Limitless themes with variation in quality.
Ecommerce Features Holds all eCommerce features for online selling and boosting of business. Major plugins possess all eCommerce features and separate tools are necessary for aspects like analytics.
Payment and Transactions Has its gateway, with 100 various payment options Supports the most important gateway with no transaction fee
SEO Enhancing website ranking and optimizing websites is possible with a built-in SEO feature. Requires an SEO plugin and additional cost for using premium features.
Marketing Third-party integrations are available. Limitless third-party integrations
Performance In-house is responsible for everything, and hence there is no impact after updates. Updates may affect the site based on the hosting, themes, and security opted for.
Help and Support Exclusive Round-the-clock service is available for businesses through live chat, email, and phone. Apart from these, there are advanced assistance and help centres for Shopify plus users. WordPress forums offer ample technical details, and there aren’t personal support.


By taking a glimpse about Shopify and WordPress, it is evident that businesses desiring to own an eCommerce website should opt for Shopify for its simple use. Whereas, businesses that run on B2B businesses and focus on lead generation or ones that host organisations profiles can pick word press.

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