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The best way to upsurge businesses and drive them to the gate of success is through digital marketing techniques especially during the time of COVID-19. Digital marketing has different paths to associate with potential customers by employing various online channels.

Since there are multiple channels and great chores to follow, it’s easy to disrupt with essential aspects to accomplish a successful digital marketing campaign. Henceforth a digital marketing checklist is necessary to run a flourishing business.

Today more businesses are taking the digital path ensuring minimum disruption during these times.

Digital Marketing Meme
Digital Marketing Meme

Take a moment and catch up with the digital marketing checklist given below.

A look back of the previous year 

Before stepping forward, it is essential to step back and take an overall look at the previous year’s progress. Were you successful? There would have been difficulties, twists, and turns to run the business smoothly.

Look back and analyse if the goals for the organization have been achieved. By looking at the challenges and tough times of the previous year, we get an insight into aspects that should proceed and ones to be cut out in the upcoming digital marketing strategy.

Online marketing channels 

The abundant online marketing channels are the best platform to set off the promotion of services and products. These fall into two lists as online and offline marketing channels.

It is a perfect idea to pick the digital marketing channels for execution smartly. It isn’t essential to dip your toes in all the channels. Pick the sources that best match your domain. All businesses usually collaborate with social media marketing, content marketing, and SEM.

Assessing the website marketing checklist 

Any digital marketing campaign initiates with the company’s website, and hence reviewing the website and ensuring if it line’s up with the organisational goals is imperative.

Getting an in-depth vision of the organisation’s website design helps the campaign pass out with flying colours. A company website is a primary scorer that represents and promotes the brand online. Hence, an accurate website that portrays the company’s vision, culture, and brand is assured to do wonders. To stand out from the rest, employing a user-friendly and easily loadable website on all devices is highly recommended. Always raise the flag for a simple design and clutter-free website.

The main intention of a company’s website is to educate and inform visitors about the services and products. Hence make sure you’ve done that right.

Reviewing and optimising the website structure is a mandatory point to highlight in the checklist. To ensure you’re on the right track with perfection, optimising the website structure assists both search engines and the users, resulting in better conversions and organic traffic.

SEO website 

If you wish to be successful in your digital marketing campaign, an SEO-optimised website is crucial. Apart from turning the website favourable for search engines, SEO provides a better user experience.

Optimising websites for conversion (CRO)

Generating conversions is the fundamental goal of any digital marketing campaign. Businesses making the extra move to create better sales must work fingers to the bone by optimising checkout pages, product pages, secured websites, and providing visitors with various payment options.

Monitor the website performance 

When you possess a prevalent website to grab customers’ attention, monitoring the website’s performance and measuring the parameters is essential. Take a peek into the following aspects

  • If the site is qualified for goal tracking
  • A perfectly configured and installed Google analytics
  • If Google analytics reports are read and analysed periodically.
  • If your Facebook Pixel is installed correctly.

Getting hold of social media channels 

Getting hold of multiple social media channels is an essential point in the checklist to be off the charts with efficient information and customer traffic. Google Business, Facebook, Yelp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and youtube are ruling the web world, and hence participating in such social media channels is an essential aspect of the business.

By developing and launching with these pages, you’re sure to pull visitors from various channels to your site. The best aspect is that you get the golden opportunity of transforming a visitor into a client.

Review all paid advertising channels. 

Do you wish your ads to pop up in front of your visitors? Then opting for paid advertising and adding to the checklist is brilliant. For exceptional results, exploring the various paid channels and picking them works successfully. Few paid advertising platforms that work well with SMEs are:

  • Youtube ads
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads

Running a pilot campaign in these channels and noting the results should be a point in the checklist.

Delivering the best content 

Digital marketing may not pass out with flying colours by randomly publishing content. Pat yourself and analyse the actual content required for the visitors, research and draft such content. Does your audience mandate a video? A content? A step-by-step instruction? Or an answer to a query? Hence navigate accordingly and make it a point in the checklist.

SEO friendly content 

Your checklist should hold SEO-friendly content. Writing SEO-friendly content is an exceptional art and is possible only through experience and knowledge. The SEO content must be great for the visitors as well as the search engine. Ensure this before hitting the publish tab.

Visitors always love to browse and read contents that give them the information they require. Moreover, search engines raise the green flag for indexing content that is easy to read and understand.

Email marketing 

Don’t forget to cling to email marketing and place priority on the checklist. Check few strategies to follow for email marketing, such as

  • Incentives for visitors to register
  • Follow the A/B test to find out which emails offer better results
  • The period of emails and type of content in it
  • Making email marketing goals

Incorporating all these strategies in your digital marketing checklist surely helps you hit the jackpot and boosts your business. Digital marketing is multifaceted, and hence analysing periodically with such a checklist ensures your business is running perfectly on the success track.

For gathering more visitors and making digital marketing successful, make your checklist without overlooking the above ones. Follow the above guidelines and prosper your business online with more profit each year. It’s a great way to update the digital marketing checklist according to the business niche.

digital transformation
digital transformation

The majority of businesses are turning to digital in this day and age, ensure your processes, internal systems & automation, finding the right partner to hold your hand during the digital transformation is paramount.

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