Easy Tips to Improve SERP Rankings & Organic CTR in 2022 - New Ranking Factor Core Web Vitals

Any business with an online presence wants to appear actively in Google search engine results pages or SERPs. But if you want more website traffic, you will have to employ more engaging tactics than just the SERPs. You might appear in search results, but you will need to increase your organic CTR or click-through rates to make those research results viable for your business. 

How does one improve organic CTR and rankings?

1. Title tags need to be eye-catching

A little creativity goes a long way. An organic SERP listing has the following parts:

  • The Headline is also the link to the page. 
  • The Description shows the contents of the webpage. 
  • The URL of the webpage. 

The headline is important because it allows the users to understand your content better. Search engines interpret your headline through HTML to read the information on the page. The more attractive and creative the headline is, the more the organic CTR will be.   

2. Meta descriptions need relevancy 

A meta description describes the contents of a search result briefly. A good meta description will tell users if your content is relevant to their search intent or not and can impact CTRs. The description below the headline is automatically taken from the web page’s meta description. 

Be creative but informative. This 150-160 character summary of your page is your chance to draw users’ attention. Most users prefer to click on organic search results; hence, your meta description is vital for clickability.

3. URLs can be creative too

A good URL can increase your visibility and clickability. You can optimise your URL to include specific keywords that will help you pop up in as many search results as possible. Make sure you have the exact keyword that is to be targeted. 

Refrain from using special characters in the URL. Keep it to the point and short. Only lowercase letters spell out the URL with hyphens. Shorter URLs mean higher rankings, i.e., at most 65 characters. skip fillers like and, for, the etc

4. Regular optimisation is the key

Keeping up the improvement and optimisation can do wonders for your organic CTR. The title tags, description, and URLs might need to be upgraded time and again to see if the improved version performs better than the old one. 

Make a graph between Click-Through-Rates and Average Position. The keywords below the graph’s curve are not working well for you. The query data from Google Search Console will help you understand which pages are performing poorly. 

Now, to maximise CTR, you can either change the title tags and wait for a while to see their performance or do some Google Ads “blitz testing” This allows you to test different headlines and see which will work the best with the users. You will have an optimised headline you can now use for your low CTR pages based on statistics.

5. Schema Markup

Schema improves your search result’s visibility by increasing the organic CTR. To make the most of schema markup, you would have to know the schema types that are the most common. There are many rich snippets, but you will have to choose only the one which can benefit your business. 

Some of the most common schema types are as follows: 

  • Review snippets
  • Recipe rich data snippet
  • How-To snippets
  • Sitelinks
  • Search box snippet
  • Product snippet
  • Video snippet
  • FAQ snippet

Are you looking to set up Rich Schema Markup on your website? Reach out to SIMBAA for a quick implementation.

Exposure will give you a chance to sell your products or services or create a solid online presence. The more people click through and end up on your website, the more chance of success your business and the website have. Enlist the help of SIMBAA to improve your organic CTR and rankings.



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