How AOF Office Furniture Company went from having a Google penalty on their website to becoming the top 100 fastest growing business under our partnership.

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1000+ Keywords on first page


Extra $4.4m Revenue


24.7x Increased ROI

The Client

AOF is an office furniture business based in Sydney, Australia, having 4 branches across Australia. We scaled their business from $3.5m to $7.9m in 2 years. They also saw their online operating cost reduced by $50k per year during our partnership.

The Challenge

When AOF came to SIMBAA, they had a google penalty, a non manageable website and under performing sales numbers.There was a lack of an overall digital marketing strategy to establish their online presence. There was also a lack of a well-defined marketing strategy to drive online sales through SEO, SMM, Email marketing, and e-commerce strategy. They wanted to overcome this and be a leader in the market.

Our Solution

Our partnership with them included managing and deploying technology-based digital & web strategies to their online touch-points. We built ERPs, integrated & built a Magento Website with a local development Agency. We also led and mentored the growing tech / digital team at AOF, motivating them to achieve their fullest potential. 

We advised and released the website on Magento Platform and fully managed the data migration of our 15,000 SKUs. We optimised the site for speed, and performed On-page SEO and CRO. We also identified and removed multiple irrelevant links from the website.

We managed and built a one of a kind office furniture customisation tool where every SKU would have custom options. We then updated sales, CRM and ERP systems to future proof the business and make it scalable. We ran advanced off-page SEO for 6 months.


We managed to not only get the website out of penalty but also had 1000+ keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

Revenue increased by 3x.

Scaled their business from $3.5m to $7.9m in 2 years.

Increase in ROI by 24.7x

Reduction in expenditure on the online operation by $50k annually

Built and scaled google and bing ads to get the business in top 100 fastest growing companies in Australia.

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