How Incocu’s revenue increased by 9x during our partnership.

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15x increase in traffic


9x increase in revenue


5x increase in CTR

The Client

Incocu is an innovative jewellery customisation platform based in Jaipur, India. They scaled their online business and saw a 9x increase in revenue during our partnership.

The Challenge

When Incocu came to SIMBAA, they had a magento store which they had built with no experience in managing ecommerce websites. Their existing developers lost direction as there were too many integration issues. So they wanted a team who had extensive experience in startup ecommerce marketing.

Our Solution

We started with On-page SEO, updating and adding required tags and keywords in the right place. We provided Incocu with a Magento Certified Expert Developer force and oversaw the project. 

In the meantime, we ran in-depth audits for SEO, technical and design issues to find ways to improve their website and came up with the remedial implementation plan. We also started creating content and optimised existing content.

We then built some web automations to automate repetitive actions, like adding a subscriber to mailchimp or push orders into an ERP. This was a difficult task because Incocu has jewellery that can be customised online.

Simultaneously, another lateral leg of our team started working and setting up google and Facebook shopping feeds. We then started Social (Facebook, instagram, Pinterest) Marketing, Google Adwords, Influencer marketing when the website was ready to go live bug free.


15x increase in traffic

5x increase in CTR

9x increase in revenue

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